Who we are

We’re UGEM – a UI/UX design agency that produces outstanding digital experiences through creativity, cutting-edge technologies, and business-minded thinking.

Ugem team

A UI/UX design agency that delivers globally

7 years of expertise in designing outstanding digital products for various industries thanks to streamlined workflow and modern design tools and techniques.

Our approach

Design goes with exploration

Before starting the design process itself, we thoroughly explore the problem you want to solve. We conduct competitor and market analysis to validate your business idea and save you time and money.

Design goes with technology

We believe that proper product design goes hand in hand with technology. That’s why designers at UGEM and developers at RubyGarage, our parent company, work as one team to deliver the best possible user experience in the products we create.

Design is a language

An intuitive and easy-to-use design is a must. We pay close attention to fast and clear onboarding so users understand how to use your product at a glance. To achieve this, we stick to design best practices and common guidelines.

Design is a journey

Before drawing wireframes and prototypes, we create user flows, or journeys. These journeys help our designers provide the best user experience and satisfy your users so they return to your product.