Information Architecture Design

In product design, information architecture puts each detail in its place. A properly designed information architecture results in clear navigation and seamless usability.

Information architecture design makes complex products clear

The main idea behind information architecture UX design is to arrange a website or software components so that users can easily interact with the product. We provide IA services to maintain product consistency and avoid usability and navigation issues.

Why does your product need information architecture design?

The importance of information architecture is proven by the large number of products we’ve created successfully. The time spent designing an information architecture is truly worthwhile. Here are some of the benefits businesses get from choosing IA services:

  • Create clear paths for website visitors
  • Clarify the features of interface
  • Push usability to the forefront
  • Help to refine navigation
  • Save time and budget
  • Give better understanding of the project scope for developers
  • Give deeper understanding of the existing content for users

See our product design portfolio

The best way to evaluate our expertise is to check out our portfolio where we show how our research-driven design approach has helped clients solve real business problems.

  • Scrum Poker App


  • Job Marketplace for Actors


  • Price Comparison App


  • Social Network for Traders

    E8 Data

  • Phone Case Retailer

  • Welfaire

Check out our product design workflow in detail

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Big thanks to my software engineering crew in Ukraine – developers, engineers, database specialists, designers, QAs – all of whom have been working hard with me over the last nine months on the new and re-powered Something like 800,000 products from the world’s best luxury stores in one place... Wow. A few further things we plan to do, tweak and enhance, but ecommerce and large database-driven websites are always a work in progress. Team work makes the dream work.

Jonathan Edwards

MilanStyle, Founder

I was ultimately impressed by the quality delivered by the UX designer, so I decided that I wouldn’t be shopping for alternative developers. Their UX designer was superb and took my product vision to a completely new level.

Olga Yurovski

Shopperations, CEO

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