Product Discovery

The UGEM provides product discovery services to help entrepreneurs clearly define their business goals, validate their business ideas, and avoid risks from the start.

We’re a research-driven UI/UX design agency

Based on years of experience in the field, we believe that product discovery sessions are extremely valuable for both business owners and our own team members. Thorough preliminary research helps us come up with design solutions that solve real business problems.

Why does your product need product discovery?

During initial product discovery, or Sprint 0, our team does product design research and various design-related activities in order to understand the following:

  • Problems and possible solutions
  • Business goals and needs
  • The current and historical context of your product
  • End user segments and their goals, needs, and pain points
  • Customer value propositions
  • Competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Key metrics to identify business success
  • Technical requirements
  • Product solutions and opportunities
  • Detailed product features based on a Value Chain Map with modules, flows, and use cases
  • Risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies

See our product design portfolio

Learn more about the products we’ve implemented within our walls.

  • Scrum Poker App


  • Job Marketplace for Actors


  • Price Comparison App


  • Social Network for Traders

    E8 Data

  • Phone Case Retailer

  • Welfaire

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Why team up with UGEM

  • Research-driven approach

    Conducting in-depth research from the very beginning of product design allows us to build a solid foundation for your product’s success and helps you create products the market really needs.

  • Mature workflow

    By sticking to an Agile approach, we deliver high-quality design solutions that meet user and business needs. Our mature workflow lets us implement your project requirements on time and on budget.

  • Consistent communication

    We always involve our clients in the product design process. By holding daily meetings and regular calls, all project stakeholders stay on the same page. This helps you avoid unexpected results.

  • Experienced team

    We have 7 years of experience designing outstanding digital products for various industries. Our success is proven by more than 60 happy clients and about 90 amazing projects.

I was ultimately impressed by the quality delivered by the UX designer, so I decided that I wouldn’t be shopping for alternative developers. Their UX designer was superb and took my product vision to a completely new level.

Olga Yurovski

Shopperations, CEO

Big thanks to my software engineering crew in Ukraine – developers, engineers, database specialists, designers, QAs – all of whom have been working hard with me over the last nine months on the new and re-powered Something like 800,000 products from the world’s best luxury stores in one place... Wow. A few further things we plan to do, tweak and enhance, but ecommerce and large database-driven websites are always a work in progress. Team work makes the dream work.

Jonathan Edwards

MilanStyle, Founder

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