A planning poker app for Agile teams




Scrum poker is rather popular among Agile teams for estimating the effort required to complete tasks. At UGEM, we commonly use Scrum poker, as we find it the most efficient way to evaluate the scope of work on a project. When we decided to create Scrummer with the RubyGarage development team, no existing Scrum poker app featured a lively interface and a polished user experience. Scrummer replaces a regular deck of cards and is always at hand on your iPhone. With Scrummer, your team can simply download the app and properly estimate tasks. With a unique animated Scrummer character, card numbers in the Fibonacci sequence, customizable card backs, and a planning poker manual, Scrummer is an indispensable tool for any development team.

Project Profile

iOS development
Target audience:

Development teams that use planning poker

Project timeline:
2 month

Design objectives

Our objective was to create an enjoyable planning poker experience for Agile teams. We wanted to replace the usual deck of cards with customizable and animated cards for iPhones. In addition, we wanted to provide smooth transitions between screens and make the animations seamless.

Scrummer Design objectives

Designed animated mascots

Each character in Scrummer is animated, and the animations convey the characters’ personalities. For example, the fish move leisurely and the crabs are fussy. The design concept represents how developers handle several tasks at a time, just like an octopus. Our design team came up with an undersea theme that includes fish, crabs, shells, and other sea creatures. These animated creatures make the planning poker cards enjoyable and make the planning process fun.

Scrummer animated mascots

Achieved smooth screen transitions

To make transitions between all screens in the app light and simple, we used the Hero library. To make the animated cards work properly on iOS devices, we used Lottie, a React Native library that allowed us to easily render vector animations.

Scrummer Smooth screen transitions Scrummer Smooth screen transitions

Created mini-plots

Our designers worked on mini-plots for every card in the app to make them funny and to make Scrum poker sessions as productive as possible.

Scrummer in App Store and Google Play

Scrummer in
App Store and Google Play