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MilanStyle Case Study

MilanStyle Case Study


In 2017, Jonathan Edwards, an entrepreneur from the UK, asked UGEM to redesign his fashion marketplace – MilanStyle. This outstanding online shopping platform combines the world’s top brands and stores in one place to facilitate the online shopping experience.

The new design solutions we came up with modernized the site’s visual style, improved the online shopping experience, and helped to build a loyal community of customers.

Project Profile

Target audience

Shoppers who want to look for different luxury items in one place

Project timeline
2 years

Library of components

Creating a library of components allows us to speed up development, maintain visual consistency, and successfully scale a product without design discrepancies.

Milanstyle. Library of components
  • 67
    Design page
  • 121
  • 20

User Flow

We create user flows to visualize the whole journey from the user’s perspective, from the entry point to the final action. Mapping user flows helps us determine the content and functionality we should include, taking into account the user’s specific goals.

MilanStyle. User Flow


Wireframes and prototypes visualize the user’s interaction with an interface. This stage helps us review design solutions with the project’s stakeholders, test them before implementation, and quickly make adjustments.

Milanstyle. Wireframes
Milanstyle. Product Page
Product Page
Milanstyle. Product Page
Catalog Page
Milanstyle. Product Page
Wardrobe Page
Milanstyle. Product Page
Stylenotes Page
Milanstyle. Product Page
User Profile Page


Design objectives

Review the existing platform’s design

Jonathan asked UGEM to add new design features and improve the overall experience, but we needed to conduct a UX audit before suggesting any improvements. Our first step was to assess the current state of the site before implementing any new design features.

Our goal was to reveal the weaknesses of the existing visual system and create a consistent experience for users. The visual design should be simple and unified. Also, it should be inherited across the whole platform. Inconsistent products are more difficult to interact with, so unification was a must for improving the user experience.

Milanstyle. Improve navigation and filtering

Improve navigation and filtering

Well-organized filtering is an essential part of improving the user experience for retailers like MilanStyle who have extensive product ranges. Filtering enables customers to sort through lots of products quickly based on attributes and find what they’re looking for. We were responsible for making site navigation and filtering more comprehensive, direct, and understandable.

Milanstyle. Improve navigation and filtering

Build a loyal fashion community and re-engage customers

Our client requested new designs to encourage the MilanStyle fashion community to socialize and share their ideas. We needed to invent a new social element to build this community and increase user retention and engagement.

Milanstyle. Improve navigation and filtering
Milanstyle. Improve navigation and filtering

Conducting a UX audit

Before adding new features to the existing design, we conducted a thorough UX audit. Namely, we completed in-depth market research and competitor analysis, which helped us find lacking features and improve existing ones.

As a result of our UX audit, our experts identified issues with website functionality and came up with research-based design solutions. As a result, we prepared a list of recommendations.

Milanstyle. Improve navigation and filtering

Improving the online buying experience

After the website UX audit, our team saw the need to change some features to improve the buying experience. We redesigned landing pages, the home page, the new arrivals page, the style notes page, the product list page, and product pages, which allowed us to improve the overall user experience, reduce the bounce rate, and increase user retention.

Milanstyle. Improve navigation and filtering

Adding a new social element

One of the most important challenges for our team was to create an environment for shoppers to communicate, socialize, and share ideas within the community.

We redesigned existing elements and created a completely new feature called Wardrobes. Wardrobes allow users to create and share collections of unique looks with the MilanStyle community and get inspired by looking at others’ collections. As a result of this design decision, the MilanStyle platform has greatly re-engaged existing users and acquired new ones.

Milanstyle. Improve navigation and filtering

Simplifying navigation and filtering

To make website navigation and filtering even more intuitive, UGEM designers created a left-handed filtering sidebar and divided it into convenient categories. We also truncated filters so shoppers can navigate the platform with ease.

Milanstyle. Product Page

Big thanks to my software engineering crew in Ukraine – developers, engineers, database specialists, designers, QAs – all of whom have been working hard with me over the last nine months on the new and re-powered Something like 800,000 products from the world’s best luxury stores in one place... Wow. A few further things we plan to do, tweak and enhance, but ecommerce and large database-driven websites are always a work in progress. Team work makes the dream work.

Jonathan Edwards

MilanStyle, Founder