A Price Comparison App to Save Money


PriceHunter A Price Comparison App to Save Money


Our client’s company, Epsilon Labs, is a software development company based in Switzerland. Apart from providing development services, they have their own product, a price comparison app called PriceHunter.

PriceHunter lets users compare prices across vendors and products, conduct financial analysis, get payment notifications, etc. Our client asked the UGEM team to create a truly exceptional brand identity for the PriceHunter app.

Project Profile

Target audience
People who want to control their expenses conveniently
Project timeline
4 weeks

Objectives of branding

When Epsilon Labs contacted our team, we defined the scope of work, projects’ timeline, and the most vital objectives of branding to be met. For this project, we needed to:

  • Define the brand voice that will translate the corporate culture and values of the company
  • Create a modern and durable brand identity to increase brand awareness and get more conversion
  • Prepare documentation to allow our client to keep the consistent look of the app during further development

How we worked on the project

Requirements elicitation

Our team collects client's requirements using a brand identity brief to provide our clients with the best results. The brief aims at discovering the client's objectives, preferences, and dislikes, so we know exactly how to satisfy all their needs

Mood board

Based on the filled-in brand identity brief, our illustrators created three Mood Boards using different color pallets, fonts, and illustration types. We discussed each of them to help our client make an informed decision regarding the platform's style

Concept development

When the moodboard was chosen, our team created three branding concepts to demonstrate how the client’s branding identity can look like. All three concepts included the requirements mentioned in the brand identity brief and correlate with the chosen mood board

Branding deliverables

To reach the objectives of the project, the UGEM team created such artifacts:

Formed brand voice

We created mottos addressed to the app’s target users. These mottos describe particular problems that PriceHunter solves. In order to reinforce the idea behind these mottos, we also created key visuals.

PriceHunter Formed brand voice

Brand identity

For the PriceHunter app's brand identity, we used such bold colors as red and dark blue. Such a color palette allowed us to make the app recognizable and helped the brand communicate the company’s values to the target audience.

PriceHunter Brand identity

Brandbook and branded elements

Our team has prepared a brandbook and a set of branded elements that can be used during the further development. These artifacts will help the company to grow the functionality of its product while keeping its look consistent.

PriceHunter Brandbook and branded elements

The whole UGEM team is easy to communicate with. We didn’t feel any barriers! The design looks modern and professional. And finally, we got a logo and a unique identity for our app.

PriceHunter, Founder of PriceHunter